The Trans-Pacific Maritime Conference

Less than 2 month left to register for the 18th Annual TPM Conference in Long Beach, CA. Scarbrough will be attending and reporting LIVE via twitter and is accepting appointments now.

What is the TPM?

Headed into its 18th year, TPM continues to be the must-attend conference for the trans-Pacific and global container shipping and logistics community and highlights hot industry topics.

Just to mention a few, the Conference will include the following topics:

► Economic and trade outlook for 2018
► Container shipping outlook: Will a recovery year for carriers carry over into 2018?
► TPM Accelerator: Containerized trade and US Customs – Taking the termperature
► Creating value for North American intermodal shippers
► Roundtable discussions with industry leaders
► Gridlock at the gates: the urgent need for extended gates and trucker appointments at North American ports.
► Exports: The North American outlook
► Technology: Cyber threat
► Cool Cargoes: Where is the global reefer market headed?
► Longshore Labor: A sustainable peace?

Why attend? 

Over 550 shippers attend the conference to become informed, stay on top of the market, conduct business, network, and let their voices be heard.  However, if your company is unable to attend, go ahead and stay put!  Let Scarbrough communicate and inform you virtually from your desk, couch, or child’s basketball game.

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