ACE Export Reports Authorization & Census Vetting Process

As you submit your requests for Export Reports Access by EIN in ACE, the Census Bureau team would like to share helpful tips to make the vetting process more efficient as you obtain authorization to access your export data in ACE.

Helpful Highlights regarding obtaining ACE Export Reports Authorization:

  • Vetting by the Census Bureau Team is NOT required to file Electronic Export Information (EEI) via AESDirect in ACE.
  • Only request “EIN Reports Authorization” if you want to access export reports in ACE.
  • Newly established export accounts without prior filing history at the EIN level will not be authorized to access export reports in ACE.
  • EINs associated with an established ACE Importer Account do not require further vetting by the Census team, therefore do not select the feature “Requests EIN Reports Authorization” when adding the exporter role to an existing account.
  • Submit the Certificate of Authority (COA) for subsidiaries that plan on retrieving export reports. Prior filing history for each requested EIN is required.
  • If you have multiple EINs associated with an account, request access for each EIN and submit a comprehensive COA listing the subsidiaries requesting access.
  •  In addition, shipment information must be verified by the Census Team prior to obtaining approval for Reports Authorization.

The information provided in this broadcast will assist you in obtaining Export Reports Access. Please visit our website for additional information on obtaining Exports Reports authorization by the Census Bureau at

For additional assistance, please call our International Trade Helpline at 800-549-0595:
Option 1– Assistance with Automated Export System (EEI filings in ACE)
Option 5– Assistance with the Census Vetting Process for Reports Authorization and Trade Outreach