Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has announced major updates for the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) portal starting January 22, 2022. Modernization of structural, functional, and aesthetic elements will require users to take adjustment actions.

CBP released an announcement this week detailing its phased ACE portal revamping process. From redesigning its user interface to updating login details, the process will bring substantial changes to ACE that users need to watch.

New ID and Login Information Required for All Users 

The revamped ACE system will require new login information for all users. Specific email addresses will now comprise user IDs, while users themselves will need to learn a new login portal and home page. All users must register their new IDs and login information by February 20, 2022 – users can start the transition process on January 22.

In the interim between the dates, users can sync data between their old and new IDs. As a result, users will be able to keep all permissions and capabilities. Plus, the ACE legacy portal will remain active until all functionality has been transferred over to the new platform.

Get ACE Portal Transition Help from Scarbrough Consulting  

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