If you are currently importing into the United States and you have not heard of “ACE,” or you have only heard of ACE as an online reporting tool, you are probably working with a Customs Broker that has not yet transitioned to transmitting their entries into ACE…. And most Brokers are not transmitting their Customs Entries into ACE.  According to CBP in a 2013 report, only 25% of entries are being transmitted via ACE.

ACE – The ‘Automated Commercial Environment’ system is the way of the future for collaborating between importers and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.  According to Richard Dinucci the Acting Assistant Commissioner Office of International Trade, “ACE is extremely complex. It aims to automate not just CBP’s excruciatingly complicated import processes but also security risk assessment, export processes, and the collection and distribution of information under the International Trade Data System that connects federal agencies. Ultimately, ACE is expected to become the ‘single window’ for all trade-related transactions involving CBP, other government agencies, and the trade community.”

If your Customs Broker is not  currently filing your entries through ACE, you may want to consider modernizing your methods and entering the new age of importing immediately with an experienced broker that stays on the front of technology to provide full benefits to you.   Luckily, you have Scarbrough to turn to.  Scarbrough has been transmitting data via ACE since 2009 when the first functional modules were released and has subsequently been selected by U.S. Customs Border and Protection to be one of 20 pilot participants in the release of the ACE program called “Simplified Entry.”  Being an early adopter of ACE has provided us with an expert staff.

With years of gradual ACE implementation experience, Scarbrough is positioned to protect your business and supply chain from the obstacles our competitors will have with the One-Step transition they will attempt by deadline.  If you are concerned that your broker is not on ACE and worried about the affect the One-Step transition will have on your supply chain, or you are just ready to take full control of your supply chain and start participating in the new ‘Single Window’ system today, then please email

Source:  DC Velocity