What is your business doing to ensure your risk is low and you are staying compliant with the law?  “Businesses are facing increased risk across multi-tier supply chains, while at the same time struggling to get visibility.”  Do you have audit checks in place?  Do you have someone to talk to your suppliers on your behalf?  What are you doing to make sure you have set up an efficient supply chain?

In her article published on TakeSupplyChain.com, Getting Supplier Risk in Focus – Part Two, Ann Grackin concludes that the key to avoiding most risk factors is to “get social.”  What she means is that building a relationship with your supplier and/or logistics partner will allow collaboration, open dialogue, and of course build trust with a common platform between you and your vendor.

Another article found in Supply Chain Management states that “getting out and meeting suppliers is key to supply chain sustainability.”


For our partners that may not have the time or budgeted the expense to fly overseas,we are happy to personally visit your suppliers as your logistics representative.  In fact, we are eager to visit your suppliers with you when you do make the trips.  Don’t hesitate to discuss options with your Customer Service representative or get in touch with our Inside Sales Department directly:  insidesales@scarbrough-intl.com

Source: Take Supply Chain; Supply Chain Management