An annual report by American Shipper and the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), captures the growth of shippers’ supply chains and those that service them.  This annual report is produced to look at trends that impact how shippers and logistics providers manage their international freight transportation processes, and the technology that helps support those processes.  It’s almost like the article was written in conjunction with Scarbrough’s efforts!

Scarbrough has prided itself to continually be on the forefront of technology, especially in the international shipping industry.  For example, Scarbrough is one of the first 20 U.S. Customs Brokers to partner with U.S. Customs Border Protection and participate in ACE.  Furthermore,  Scarbrough  has completed a handy track and trace module and mobile application for the convenience of our customers.  In addition, our automated customized reporting options help shippers to succeed in their positions no matter what size of company they are part of.  

Simply stated — it all comes down to data.  According to American Shipper, “the report this year differs from those in years past in that it dives deep into three particular areas of global transportation management: visibility; the quality of data underlying that visibility; and the extent to which shippers’ transportation management has gone global.”



Visibility.  Visibility can mean different things to different players in international moves.  To an exporter that only ships a couple times per year, it could mean the location of a current shipment.  To an importer that imports several times a week, it could involve much more detail.  For a service provider such as Scarbrough, it could mean gathering and mining all that data to give you the visibility you need.  In other terms, “forwarders [like us] increasingly see themselves as providers of technology and data aggregation, not just movers of freight.”

Data Quality.  The article states that shippers are actively working to improve data quality, which is exactly what we do every day to help our customers at their desk.  “Feeding reliable, accurate data into a system can alleviate man-hours spent chasing a shipment status updates or auditing shakier data.”  Again, we do this for you!!

Going Global. “Shippers use their global transportation management platform to manage a number of geographies, with Asia and North America the most well represented.”  Many companies are currently outsourcing the ability to see data and many times turn to an IT vendor.   The cool thing about Scarbrough moving freight, is that we can also act a an “IT Vendor” and take control of the data and create the visibility you need to meet your needs.

So, if you are looking for specific reports to be emailed to you daily, monthly, or simply need help to wrap your head around all the data we can compile for you, please do not hesitate to ask us more.  Please email Kim Taylor directly at

To read the full report, click here.