Automation of U.S. Virgin Islands Trade Entry Process Being Evaluated by CBP

Excerpt from: Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg | February 04, 2016

12540973_10153389752613494_906851897556418845_nU.S. Customs and Border Protection said this week that it is continuing to assess a viable way to incorporate the U.S. Virgin Islands into the Automated Commercial Environment to expedite the importation process. Under the territory’s current cargo clearance process, all custom entries are made by customs business service companies and/or importers in person. This process lacks electronic communication from the filers to CBP and thus creates “a heavy paper environment” at all USVI ports of entry.

CBP officials recently visited the Area Port of St. Thomas to gather information about this process. They also met with local customs business service companies to discuss the needs of the trade community and how to make the USVI trade entry process more customer friendly.

“By automating the customs entry process,” one official said, “we can be more efficient in working in the USVI and also better support our partner government agencies.”

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