Anxious about Amazon warehouse disruptions? Now could be the perfect time to switch to a Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) strategy with a third-party logistics provider (3PL).

Amazon is making headlines yet again with upheaval among its warehouse workforces. Workers at various US fulfillment centers are calling for unionization and threatening walkouts in the process. Already this month employees at a facility near Chicago staged a walkout protest. While workers at an Alabama warehouse ultimately voted down unionization last week, more efforts are expected.

As the situation develops, e-commerce businesses who rely on Amazon for FBA services may encounter delays and disruptions. As a result, some are turning to FBM operations for stability and control.

  • FBM allows Amazon merchants to take more direct control of their fulfillment processes.
  • Whether fulfilling orders on their own or working with a 3PL, merchants using an FBM strategy can bypass the rules and compliance regulations of FBA.
  • FBM can also offer better margins and more direct control over branding than Amazon’s fulfillment services.

Importantly, switching to FBM with an independent 3PL circumvents potential labor upheavals at Amazon. While the corporation experiences growing pains, your business can rely on the consistency and stability of a smaller fulfillment provider.

Work with Scarbrough to Develop a FBM Solution for Your Business

Scarbrough Warehousing is ready to share FBM expertise and experience with Amazon merchants. Our fulfillment professionals develop unique solutions that serve individual business needs. We have already achieved 99.99 percent on time and in full deliveries, and we are eager to continue that winning streak with new partnerships.

If stability and accountability are high priorities for your next fulfillment partner, contact the Scarbrough Warehousing team today. We will help you build out an FBM strategy that reflects your brand identity, bypasses Amazon red tape, and better serves your customers.