Brazil: Wood Packaging Regulation

The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, through Normative Instruction no. 32/2015 requires the following information for all cargo entering into Brazilian territory.


Implementation Date:

February 1, 2016 (date of BOL)

The Reasoning:

To help reduce the risk of pest introduction and spreading into the country. The Ministry of Agriculture in Brazil established new procedures and phytosanitary certification as directed below.

Any wood package or any wood inside the container (even wood for lashing), must be fumigated and stamp certified.

In order to avoid demurrage, storage and others charges that will be caused by testing containers, The Brazilian Government required fumigation service for all wooden material that touches the container. 

Applied to:

This requirement will be applied to all exported and imported cargo, including transhipments, or cargo actually in transit in Brazil.

Information required:

Starting February 2, 10216.  Shippers are required to provide the wooden packing material details in the Description of Goods when sending Shipping Instructions for all cargo destined to Brazil.

Please submit the following information to your forwarder and insert it on the MBL and HBL:

1)     Is there wood packaging in this cargo?

  • Yes
  • No
  • If there is no declaration of wooden packing material in your Shipping Letter of Instruction, we assume it is “not applicable”


2)    What kind of wood packaging?

  • Wood packaging: Not Applicable
  • Wood packaging: Treated and Certified
  • Wood packaging: Processed
  • Wood packaging: Not treated and Not Certified.