Brazil Wood Packing Regulation

Commentary by: Roger Stuart   | Scarbrough International, Ltd.  |  February 10, 2016

Brazil is a major export market for USA companies and the majority of our export clients as well.

There has been a lot of notices floating around the past few weeks about new wood packing materials regulations for shipments destined to Brazil. These notices from multiple sources have created a lot of confusion. For example, some indicate that fumigation is required. However, in reality there are other options for companies to stay compliant besides fumigation.

There are actually two changes that recently took place [effective 2/1/16] that basically just now allow Brazil to enforce ISPM-15 Wood packing rules.  Did you know? These rules were actually adopted by Brazil back in June 2005 but have not been enforced until now!

The two changes taking place are:

  • Brazil Customs claims it will now strongly enforce the ISPM-15 Wood Packing Rules on all shipments taking place after 2/1/16.

I suspect Brazil Customs authorities will allow some short  grace period for compliance. The ISPM-15 Rules are the same rules implemented by most of the industrialized nations around the world now.  Any natural wood packing materials must have appropriate ISPM-15 Stamps on the wood to verify the wood has been treated by a specific heat treatment or a specific fumigation process.   If the ISPM-15 Wood packing Rules are new to you may click and take a look at the various headers on that web page to learn more about this process.  Actually, Scarbrough is ISPM-15 Certified.  We can build customized crates and fumigate your already built crates, as well.  [Email for pricing]


  • The ocean carriers taking cargo to Brazil will now require the shipper (or Scarbrough on your behalf) to claim the wood packing description.  This description needs to go on the export ocean bill of lading and indicate if wooden packing was used.  If so, was it in compliance with the ISPM-15 Wood packing Requirements?
  • Due to the confusion about this change, some ocean carriers will likely ask for this information at the time of booking, as well, so they can enter the data into their system early on.  The ocean bill of ladings will need to have one of the following notations:

1. Wooden Package: None Used (No natural wood products shipped)
2. Wooden package Used: Processed Wood Products Only (Chip board, fiberboard, plywood, etc.)
3. Wooden Package Used: Treated &  Certified (Has the ISPM-15 treatment stamps applied to the wood)
4. Wooden Package Used: Not Treated/ Not Certified (Use of this notation will likely trigger a special plant/ health inspection at the port in Brazil.  Additional costs and delays can be expected if this notation is used)

You can contact Roger Stuart about the ISPM-15 program and any questions you may have.

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