CBP Delays Next Phase of CTPAT Portal 2.0, Including Exporter Application

EDepositphotos_koya979xcerpt from: Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade  | May 20 2015

U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced May 18 that release of phase II of CTPAT Portal 2.0 has been delayed and that enhancements associated with this release, including the ability to apply for CTPAT membership as an exporter, will not be available until further notice.

According to CBP, phase II will allow active CTPAT users to merge multiple CTPAT accounts into a single account (called the trade account), establish relationships between accounts that have different security standards and link accounts (such as manufacturer and importer accounts) in an organization tree. Phase II will also allow exporters to submit applications for CTPAT membership; click here for more information.
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CBP has said that phases III and IV of CTPAT portal 2.0 are still in development and currently have no fixed deployment dates. CBP envisions that this system will evolve into a trusted trader portal to allow the international trade community to register memberships in other U.S. and international trusted trader programs.