CBP POE Update on Southern Border

About 7 weeks ago, President Trump threatened to close the border between the United States and Mexico, which would significantly impact international trade between the two countries.  In response and ever since the announcement, leadership from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection hosted a public call every week.  The call prior to this call was on May 9, 2019 explaining the situation on the U.S. Southern border with Mexico.  Our friends at NASCO, the North American Strategy for Competitiveness, an organization that promotes and improves North American trade, attended the last conference call on May 23, 2019 and shared notes.  Please see below:

USA Mexico Border

Good Day NASCO members,

Below are a few bullets from the USCBP POE call today.  Due to the COAC meeting in Laredo next week there will be no POE update call.

Below you will find information on the upcoming COAC meeting in Laredo.  Please note there is a webinar participation option, scroll down to see details.

  • 146,000 migrant crossings in May so far and numbers are increasing
  • On track for a million migrant crossings in FY2019; the last time a million crossings were recorded was in 2006.
  • Total count of redeployed officers is now is 731; 245 south west border ports, 486 from northern border, sea and air ports
  • No indication of impact to airports or northern border wait times; peak travel season begins June 1
  • Cargo wait times are still higher than historical data however, delays have stabilized
  • Lake Amistad Dam International Crossing at Del Rio, Texas is closed.  900 cuban migrants attempting to cross illegally requiring enforcement from Laredo to be sent to Amistad Dam to support enforcement there; as a result this was impacting cargo at Laredo so, for now, Amistad Dam is closed (no pedestrians/no cargo)
  • USCBP asking for 45 million in reimbursement for overtime and travel costs; Senate appropriations will determine; the funding that has already been spent is what would normally be used for summer overtime
  • If funding isn’t received, USCBP is looking at contingencies to free up officers for the primary line, such as; accelerated release from training academy, deferred training for USCBP firearms program; reduced processing of first time Global Entry applications; and many more; at this time these are proposed solutions if  USCBP doesn’t get funding it needs
  • Call to remind all public, media and stakeholders that while much of the focus is on the humanitarian efforts on the southern border, USCBP does so much more than immigration and has had many recent successes intercepting and seizing drugs, weapons, ammo, etc. Some examples include, but are not limited to;
    • 928 pounds methamphetamine at Hidalgo
    • 10 pounds cocaine off cruise ship at Miami
    • $250,000 in cash and weapons and ammo heading south
    • An individual in St. Thomas trying to gate check 43 pounds of cocaine
  • There is no call next week due to the Laredo COAC meeting on Wednesday
  • Any issues or questions, please contact the local port

For more information regarding the Southern Border, please contact scamarillo@scarbrough-intl.com.