CBP POE Update on Southern Border

About 11 weeks ago, President Trump threatened to close the border between the United States and Mexico, which would significantly impact international trade between the two countries.  In response and ever since the announcement, leadership from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection has hosted a public call every week.  The call prior to this call was on May 23, 2019 explaining the situation on the U.S. Southern border with Mexico.  Our friends at NASCO, the North American Strategy for Competitiveness, an organization that promotes and improves North American trade, attended the last conference call on June 6, 2019 and shared notes.  Please see below:

USA Mexico Border

Good Day NASCO members,

Below are a few bullets from the USCBP POE call today.  Due to the COAC meeting in Laredo next week there will be no POE update call.

Below you will find information on the upcoming COAC meeting in Laredo.  Please note there is a webinar participation option, scroll down to see details.

  • Apprehensions in May are the highest monthly apprehensions in 13 years; 144,278 and continue to increase.
  • Apprehensions for 2019; January 58,000; February 76,000; March 106,000; April 109,000; and now May 144,278
  • US CBP remains concerned with increase, and no indication of reduction
  • Large groups continue to present themselves, for example recently in El Paso a single group of 1000 people presented themselves
  • US CBP officers deployed remains consistent at 731
  • Cargo delays have stabilized although higher than last year
  • Starting to see increase in wait times at airports as well as increase in number of missed connections; both are indicators of processing time increases taking an impact at airports
  • No impact to sea and northern land border as of yet
  • Mitigation strategies to offset impact of deployment of officers to southern border are being implement including
    • Suspending firearms training for fourth quarter, freeing up 24,000 officers to remain on duty at ports
    • Global Entry Enrollment scaled back and Mobile Enrollment cancelled; more to come on this next week
  • No action from Congress on emergency supplemental funding or legislative action to address the crisis
  • Last call (two weeks ago) US CBP highlighted the enforcement efforts; critical to understand and recognize the great job US CBP does to intercept the dangers at the border;
    • Example of a truck on Monday at San Ysidro that “ran the border” (failed to stop), driver was firing at officers from inside the vehicle.  Fire was exchanged between US CBP officers and the driver who was fatally injured.  The driver was attempting to smuggle two Chinese nationals across the border.  Fortunately no officers and no bystanders were injured.
  • USCBP does an excellent job protecting our borders while also working the immigration crisis and this cannot be understated.

For more information regarding the Southern Border, please contact scamarillo@scarbrough-intl.com.