CBP POE Update on Southern Border

About 15 weeks ago, President Trump threatened to close the border between the United States and Mexico, which would significantly impact international trade between the two countries.  In response and ever since the announcement, leadership from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection has hosted a public call every week.  The call prior to this call was on June 6, 2019 explaining the situation on the U.S. Southern border with Mexico.  Our friends at NASCO, the North American Strategy for Competitiveness, an organization that promotes and improves North American trade, attended the last conference call on June 21, 2019 and shared notes.  Please see below:

USA Mexico Border

Good Day NASCO members,

Below are a few bullets from the USCBP POE call today.  Due to the COAC meeting in Laredo next week there will be no POE update call.

Below you will find information on the upcoming COAC meeting in Laredo.  Please note there is a webinar participation option, scroll down to see details.

  • Apprehensions numbers this week have dropped
  • Migrant numbers in custody have dropped however there are still 12,000 in custody as of Wednesday June 19th
  • There was a previous dip in numbers in April 2019 but then the numbers started to increase again, meaning the drop this week may not signify an end just yet
  • USCBP is still at max capacity in processing migrants
  • 955 new USCBP officers will soon complete training and report out to ports of entry between now and end of fiscal year which will help overcome some of the challenges
  • USCBP has been monitoring and analyzing wait times and the average now across the top ten ports is roughly 32 minute compared to an initial analysis done early April where the wait times averaged 88 minutes
  • Senate Appropriations Committee approved a the bill for 4.6 billion with roughly 1 billion for DHS; funding will not “make USCBP whole” but will provide some relief
  • No significant impacts to airports are being reported at this time
  • Mitigation strategies to offset impact of deployment of officers to southern border are still being implement including
    • Suspending firearms training for fourth quarter, freeing up 24,000 officers to remain on duty at ports
    • Global Entry Enrollment scaled back and Mobile Enrollment cancelled; more to come on this next week

For more information regarding the Southern Border, please contact scamarillo@scarbrough-intl.com.