Gil Kerlikowske, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner, starts his campaign with some changes that will expedite “at-the-border trade processes” and enhance global security.  He plans to continue what has already been put in place and really focus on executing trade more efficiently.


 Three Areas of Focus:

1. Automate the International Trade Data System (ITDS) and execute a plan to complete the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE)

Both to be completed in 2016, the system streamlines the way U.S. executive departments and federal agencies interact with traders and simplify the flow of goods across borders. These initiatives will improve communications and electronic sharing of Customs documents across agencies. What does this mean for the average American business? Paperwork will be reduced for those engaged in global markets and will help create new jobs at home and abroad for Americans.

Scarbrough was 1 of only 20 brokers to first facilitate ACE. Click here to view a letter from former Acting Assistant Commissioner, Richard DiNucci.

2. Enhance public-Private Partnerships, such as the Advisory Committee on Commercial Operations (COAC).

COAC’s efforts help ensure CBP gets the assistance it needs from all members of the trade by giving technical knowledge, input and finding solutions to problems we can solved together.

For more information on COAC, click here.

3.  Balance commercial trade and security through Centers of Excellence and Expertise (CEEs).

These centers were established to create more uniformity across U.S. ports of entry, resolve trade compliance issues and bolster knowledge within the agency on industry practices. They virtually connect CBP personnel around the country by using new technologies and strategies to improve coordination between other agencies.

For more information on CEEs across the USA, please click here.


Information gathered from American Shipper.