There is often a stigma in many industries that changing service providers is difficult.  Without a doubt change causes internal mental anguish with just the thought of it.  The logistics and customs brokerage industry is not immune to this stigma either.  I’ve worked for only a couple of logistics providers in my many years and I have seen firsthand and heard of many more pains from trying to change logistics providers.  I will tell you that my observations show that the difficulties were not a result of the importer or exporter; they were the result of a poorly executed plan by the logistics firm or service provider.  And these are providers that you are currently working with.  I find this humorous because the only way to really grow business successfully is to bring on new clients. 

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The problem is an internal disconnect between sales and operations. Sales is generally incentivized to bring in new clients.  To be honest, the logistics industry tends to have poorly qualified, inexperienced sales professionals with no operational background in general. Operations on the other hand, tends to be very good at executing a customs clearance or moving cargo from point A to point B once there is a shipment.  Most of these companies have no plan to focus on the transition.  Yeah many of them tell you that we will put together an SOP.  However an SOP again only addresses how the company will handle each shipment and communication once the shipments start moving.  I guess that’s why average growth in our industry is relatively low.

Scarbrough however does better than the average year after year.  There are many reasons for this year after year growth including their recognition as an industry leader.  Scarbrough has helped U.S. Customs to modernize by participating in the Simplified Entry Pilot Program which is hosted in the new Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) of which only a small number of brokers have transitioned too.  These leading activities have helped our clients to take advantage of enhanced security, quicker customs releases and improved cash flow.

The most significant reason for growth is an industry leading solution for On-Boarding new clients.  Scarbrough recognizes that the best way to forge a strong partnership is through listening, being flexible, enhancing the supply chain, and a proper ‘intentional’ transition.  We get excited about each of our new clients and we focus on this transition in a multi-department process we call “Implementation”.

To learn more about our “Implementation” process and how Scarbrough can help you to advance, enhance, and modernize your supply chain please contact me.

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