A little behind the scenes action…..

How truckers are finding chassis these days.

Many of you know of “Open Table,” the online reservation system that  restaurants are using today.  Well, much like this online system, truckers are using a reservation system to find and book available chassis in certain areas.  “[Chassis Finder’s] objective is to make it easy for truckers to find and lease a chassis. The whole pretense of the system is to keep it simple.  [Their] objective is to be that one place where vendors have their chassis available.”

Scarbrough, of course, takes care of this process for our customers.  In fact, many customers may not even realize that until recently chassis were always included in the ocean freight rate and provided by the steamship lines.  Today, that is not the case.  A chassis is required to move containers between terminals and highways, and many times may be difficult to find available.  As your partner for international logistics, our trucking teams provide the best service by finding a chassis and delivering your freight in a seamless fashion.  Just another step (or headache) in the shipping process that we do for you!

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