From a U.S. shipper’s or buyer’s perspective, doing business with the United Kingdom is probably one of the easiest nations to deal with.

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Some key benefits include:  English as a first language, cultures are aligned, short transit in transportation, easy and safe travel, regulations are minimal compared to other countries, our nations have a good partnership, an easy entry market into the European Union  …and these are just to name a few! 

If you are considering exporting to the UK market, then you have chosen an easy one to get into.  The culture is much like the USA: punctual, on-time, direct, operationally efficient, and most reps come with a great sense of humor!  There are no specific documents required for general cargo, which is an obstacle that must be overcome with shipping to many other countries in the world.  Scarbrough has the trade experts on staff to guide you through exporting to any country and in this instance, Scarbrough has UK expatriates on staff who fully understand how business works on both sides of the Atlantic to guide you through the process.

How Scarbrough can Help

Scarbrough can assist in shipping your valuable goods to the UK via our niche service programs.  We are unique in the fact that we have a solid partner in the UK, Zenith International Freight Ltd., delivering you and your clients the promised customer service deserved on both sides of the supply chain.  We can offer complete service door to door, both import and export, and if you can’t fill a full container (FCL), we can even ship partial loads in our LCL Consolidation Program.  If your company is already shipping LCL, note that Scarbrough is a fully licensed NVOCC, and we can customize solutions to meet your needs, as opposed to fitting into other Corporate NVOCC’s offerings.  Our weekly sailing schedules offer unmatched pricing, quick transit, direct service, less risk, more control and a single point of contact.

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How do I get into the Market?

United Kingdom Market Overview:

  • The UK market is the largest in Europe and the fifth largest in the world for U.S. goods exports.
  • With few trade barriers, the United Kingdom serves as the entry market into the European Union for more than 43,000 U.S. exporters.
  • Major categories of U.S. exports include Aerospace Products, Building Products and Sustainable Construction, Cyber Security, Medical Equipment, Pet Products, Low Carbon Energy and Smart Gridsand Travel & Tourism.

Market Opportunities:

  • Strong demand for products and services that improve productivity and business efficiencies
  • Strong demand for equipment related to safety and security, especially cyber security
  • Strong demand for products and services in the area of renewable energy, energy efficiency, low carbon/green technologies and smart grid technologies, including e-vehicles
  • The proposed U.S.-EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment (TTIP) has the potential to cut tariffs and address market barriers

Market Entry Strategy:

  • Demonstrate a clear value proposition and competitive advantage (i.e. price, quality, branding).
  • Pay close attention to both the obvious and subtle cultural differences between the United States and the United Kingdom and adjust marketing strategies accordingly.
  • Evaluate prospective partners carefully and choose an experienced, well-established local distributor.
  • Be flexible working with a UK partner during this prolonged period of economic recovery.
  • Express commitment to the market with a long-term perspective.

UK Country Commercial Guide (CCG)

a comprehensive annual review of the United Kingdom’s commercial, economic, political and investment environment. It includes information to assist those doing business in the UK.

Selling U.S. Products and Services provides guidance and best practices for selling U.S. products and services in the market, includes typical use of agents and selling to the government. Provides steps for establishing an office or joint-venture/licensing partner, and conducting due diligence. Discusses the state of e-commerce, franchising, and direct marketing.

Using an Agent to Sell US Products and Services
Direct Marketing

Joint Ventures/Licensing

Selling to the Government

Distribution and Sales Channels

Selling Factors and Techniques


Data Privacy and Protection

Trade Promotion and Advertising

Sales Service/Customer Support

Protecting Intellectual Property

Due Diligence

Local Professional Services

Web Resources

Leading Sectors for U.S. Exports and Investment

Identifies the top industry sectors that have potential in the market. Provides a general overview of each sector, including trade data, challenges, sub-sector best prospects, and a list of relevant websites and trade shows.

Aerospace Products
Agricultural Sectors

Building Products and Sustainable Construction

Cyber Security

Low Carbon Energy and Smart Grids
Medical Equipment

Pet Products

Travel and Tourism

Trade Regulations, Customs and Standards

Describes trade regulations, customs and standards in the market. Provides information on import tariffs and documentation U.S firms should be aware of when exporting, including any prohibited items or temporary entry procedures.

Import Tariffs
Trade Barriers

Import Requirements and Documentation

U.S. Export Controls

Temporary Entry

Labeling/Marking Requirements

Prohibited & Restricted Imports
Customs Regulations

Trade Standards

Trade Agreements

Web Resources