Here’s to Driver Appreciation Week!

#thankadriver might sound like just another hashtag, but in our industry we see firsthand how the 3.4 million truck drivers in the US keep this country’s economy moving. National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is the week of Sept. 13-19, honoring drivers for their hard work and commitment. National Truck Driver Appreciation week was started by American Trucking Associations in 1988.

There have been multiple articles about driver appreciation week and how we should take time to thank our drivers.  My take on driver appreciation week is a little different.

We all have friends in our personal lives who work outside the transportation industry and may not appreciate our industry as much as we do.  It’s known that truck drivers aren’t exactly the most loved individuals on the highway… my pledge to you is to take the time to not only thank our truck drivers, but take time to explain how truck drivers are a vital part of our country’s economy.  Tell your friends and loved ones about the sacrifices drivers have to go through being away from their families and the hours they operate through the week. Tell them how the clothes they are wearing and food they are eating got on the shelves. Today, I hope you can #thankadriver by explaining the important role they play in our great country to an individual that doesn’t know.

And to our drivers … we thank you and appreciate you!