‘El Faro’ and its souls

Thursday was that day, cargo ship, ‘El Faro’ disappeared into Category 4 Hurricane Joaquin. By Sunday there was no sign of the sunken ship, but life jackets, life rings and some containers floating around.  By Monday morning, U.S. Coast Guard declared to be hunting for survivors after searching for more than 70,000 sq. miles and finding one body that belonged to a crew member.  Their search continues and there is still hope for survivors.

The El Faro was carrying 391 containers and 294 trailers and cars when it left Jacksonville. The crew consisted of 28 Americans and five Polish nationals. The ship is managed by TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico, a TOTE Maritime subsidiary previously known as Sea Star Line. {JOC}

Our hopes and prayers for those men.
Photo Source: Depositphots.com/zacariasdamata}


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