President Obama just recently signed the National Strategy on Combating Wildlife Trafficking on February 11, 2014, which calls for a series of actions against prolific illegal trade in ivory, rhino horn and other animal parts.  To follow up, “The Fish and Wildlife Service issued Feb. 26 an order instructing agency staff to more strictly enforce existing restrictions on the commercial trade in elephant ivory.

“Under this order, effective Feb. 26, African elephant ivory, including antiques, may no longer be imported into the U.S. for any commercial purpose. The only African elephant ivory that may now be brought into the country with proper documentation is ivory that is part of a lawfully taken sport hunted trophy; imported by a federal, state or tribal government agency for law enforcement purposes; imported for scientific purposes that contribute to elephant conservation; worked ivory contained in personal items as part of a household move or inheritance that meets specific criteria; worked ivory that is part of a musical instrument that meets specific criteria; or worked ivory imported as part of a traveling exhibition that meets specific criteria.”

Culled Elephant Ivory, South Africa

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