Exports on a Mission


It’s always nice to hear from our clients that give back to the world.  The Franciscan Mission Warehouse of Missouri has been a longstanding client with Scarbrough whose values align very well with ours.  Our values start with Number 1.) Our Lord above; Number 2.) We ensure the families that work for us are taken care of; and Number 3.) We make service (servanthood) the core component of our foundation.  Here’s what The Franciscan Mission Warehouse has to say about the year 2017

FMW shipped 14 forty-foot containers to support hospitals and clinics outside the US.

We collaborated with several US organizations on 21 other shipments.

Locally, we provided donations of wheel chairs, walkers, beds, and other medical equipment and supplies to over 80 area social service agencies.

This all adds up to more than 160 tons of materials diverted from local landfills. We have a method of evaluating the materials we donate that provides consistency in our evaluation but is very conservative in values. Using that method, we estimate a total benefit of 6.2 million dollars to the people we served in 2017. With a total budget of under $290,000, the cost to benefit ratio was 4.8%. This implies that every dollar donated to FMW was multiplied 20 times before reaching the people needing our help. That’s not bad for a small organization like us. (Just think what we could do with $500,000)

Scarbrough was excited to receive the news from above and know that we have helped FMW to reach these impressive numbers. We feel the glowing warmth which comes from giving comfort to others.

FMW states,

“Whether you have volunteered, donated money, shared our story, or prayed for our mission, you are a part of this. You can proudly and confidently tell others that you helped provide treatment and comfort to tens of thousands of people around the world. Maybe they will want to join in. We can’t do what we do without you. Here’s to a blessed 2018 where we all provide services to more people than ever before.”

We are so proud to be part of an amazing mission.

To find out more or how you can help, please email us.