Franciscan Mission Warehouse

Thirteen sisters with help of a few volunteers run a ministry that has saved lives around the world. The Franciscan Mission Warehouse is the ongoing commitment to the poor and disadvantaged through a distribution program of equipment and supplies given with love and in the spirit of Saint Francis.

This movement was started 20 years ago with Sister Andrea from Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Eucharist Church. She was a missionary in a small town in Brazil when she got sick and acknowledged the major need of medical supplies.  She had to return to America knowing this town needed schools and houses. But who would go to school?  Who would teach them? Who would live in the houses if there was no medicine and people were dying?

From 1995-2000 one 20 foot container was sent to Brazil every month, but in 2000 the Brazilian government changed laws making it impossible for relief supplies to be imported into the country. One month after the last shipment into Brazil, El Salvador had an earthquake.  They heard how the Sisters had helped Brazil and wanted the same for them, and so it happened.   The Sisters offered their help and from then on there have been 215 containers sent all over the world to towns in need.

We had some time to talk to Sister Andrea and ask her a few questions:

What is the best part of working in a ministry like this?

Knowing that we are able to help the poor and people in need all over the world.

Take for example the last mission trip they did to Vladivostok, Russia. They opened a home to people who were sick and their families couldn’t support them, some of these people were just left in the streets to die.  The Sisters knew that most of the patients were not going to recover and would most likely die.  They provided a better place for them to spend the last days of their lives.

What do you enjoy the most about the ministry?

Seeing God working through simple people”. She mentioned that in so many cases God answers their prayers before they even ask him. Through donors and volunteers, God has filled every need they have had.

When’s the next mission?

The next trips are for Cameroon and Tanzania. In Tanzania, once we get to the airport is a 2-3 day road trip to the place we’ll be helping




Sisters of Franciscan Mission Warehouse, the work you do for helping others and the heart you have for people in need is admirable.   Scarbrough International is thrilled to be involved with such an amazing ministry.  Please continue helping the world to become a better place.

“I feel joy! We are the hands and the feet of life creator, spreading the light to many people”
-Sister Andrea



Photos of Vlandivostok, Russia:


The crate being delivered to the church


Sr. Catherine Marie with the harp in the church


Sister feeding patient who couldn’t feed himself


Beds arriving at aldery home