Hanjin ships, cargo and sailors stranded at sea

By: BBC News | September 1, 2016

Each stranded ship has about 15 to 25 crew on board. Unable to call at any port, they will have to depend on the supplies they have with them until a solution can be found. While food should last long enough, they will eventually need fuel.

In a worst-case scenario, should they find themselves unable to pay for fuel being delivered by a shuttle, they would risk running into serious trouble. In that case though, nearby ports would likely be forced to accept them.

Aside from the prospect of being stuck for weeks at sea, the sailors will also face uncertainly over their wages. Most of them are not actually hired by Hanjin but by crewing agencies. Those agencies are unlikely to get paid by Hanjin and therefore won’t be able to pay the crews.

“Unless someone steps in very quickly – and there is no sign of that – this will last a very long time,” according to Mr Jensen.

Ships, cargo and crew might find themselves stuck for weeks, if not months, without knowing when and where their current voyage will end.

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Photo Source: BBC News

Photo Source: BBC News