Final Update on the oil spill  / Port of Houston

There are no vessel movement restrictions at this time for oil-related factors, and USCG Houston-Galveston has given the go-ahead for deep draft vessels and barges to run all night, weather/visibility permitting.

The HSC bar currently is closed for fog/limited visibility, and the National Weather Service reports that the weather conditions are likely to continue throughout the day along with light rain/misting.  The dense fog has limited visibility to one-quarter mile with minor improvements (up to 3-4 statute mile visibility) expected until sunset when fog will restrict visibility again to 1-2 SM.  Early tomorrow morning (0300-0500), a cold front should blow through and clear the fog, leading to clear weather until at least the middle of next week.

Yesterday, the Houston Pilots brought 26 vessels in while sailing 29 out, and this morning the Houston queue stands at 50 arrivals with 18 waiting to sail.  The Galveston-Texas City Pilots have 4 vessels at berth in Texas City waiting to sail, with 5 waiting to transit inbound, and 4 additional vessels are waiting to enter the Port of Galveston.

According to The Chron, the investigation is far from over. To read more, click here.