Avalon Risk Management and the National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America held a live webinar on Tuesday, June 24, 2014.  Very useful information was provided at this seminar.  Questions and answers were submitted, and we wanted to share the value with our clients.

Below is just an example.

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please download the NCBFAA ISF Webinar QA.

Are liquidated damages issued by a port reviewed by HQ before it is issued? We had a problem when liquidated damages first began to be issued.

Liquidated damages are issued by the local ports and not by CBP-HQ. However, CBP-HQ will continue to review all liquidated damage claims to ensure they are issued in accordance with the new enforcement strategy announced on 5/13/14 and in place until 5/13/15.

What form will the warnings be in? Email? How will the importer know how many they have?

The outreach may be in the form of a letter, phone call, or email to the ISF Importer. The ISF
Importer should inquire with CBP during this outreach to confirm how many warnings CBP has on file since this will be tracked in a national database.

Will the ISF Late filing reports in ACE be amended to reference B/L mismatches or B/L not filed issues?

The Late ISF report only reflects late ISFs and does not include this information, nor does it
anticipate including in the future. The NCBFAA has requested query functionality in ACE that is being addressed by the ACE Business Office.

Additional questions can be sent directly to craig.clark@cbp.dhs.gov or lgelsomino@avalonrisk.com.

More information? CBP ISF Page.