Importers have seen port congestion relief with shrinking vessel queues at Los Angeles and Long Beach – but recent reports from the Journal of Commerce show a volume and congestion resurgence is on the way.

Terminal operators at southern California ports have told that they expect a new surge of import volume to arrive in the next two weeks. The arrival could potentially negate recent progress toward eliminating the line of ships waiting for weeks at a time for berth space.

The queue outside the LA/LB port complex has been a challenge for months, with vessels waiting often days or weeks for access. But after a peak of more than 100 vessels in line during January, the backlog has steadily declined through the present. A potential backslide could eliminate that progress and further frustrate shippers who have dealt with nearly two years of major port disruptions.

Bracing for More West Coast Port Congestion

While the latest projections are not optimistic, Scarbrough remains confident in its ability to navigate west coast port roadblocks. Contact our international freight forwarding and domestic 3PL solutions teams to help navigate the congestion at Los Angeles/Long Beach Port Complex.