Laredo Port becomes USA’s Top Trade Port

For the first time ever, Laredo a town of 260,000 hardworking people located on the U.S.-Mexico border just became the number one trade port in the United States. The Port of Laredo surpassed the Port of LA in terms of trade value including all modes of transportation.  According to LMTonline, “In March, the Port Laredo’s trade value was $20.09 billion; in the Port of Los Angeles, it was $19.66 billion.”  The online article also mentioned that 97% of Laredo’s trade comes from the four bridges connecting to Mexico and trade increased 10% between February and March 2019.

On the other hand, the Port of Los Angeles, which was previously considered the top port in terms of trade value, declined 10% in that time period.  This change can most likely be attributed to the rising tariffs on imports from China.  Many companies are starting to source and increase their imports from Mexico.  However, President Trump has just recently announced that he will also place tariffs on imports from Mexico if something isn’t done about the escalating  immigration issue.  “Year to date, the Port of Los Angeles’ trade value is still well above Laredo’s at $66.76 billion. Laredo’s is $56.72 billion.”  [LMTonline]