Scarbrough International, Ltd. is known for its U.S. Customs Brokerage and International Transportation moves.  Did you know that we also specialize in Large Equipment and Special Projects?

The following is just one example of our part in everyday life.  A testimony from our entrusted clients:

“Thank you for managing this and ensuring

all necessary equipment to handle them was in place.”

Massive Mag Meters Pass the Test

Recently, two large mag meters, 54 and 60 inches in diameter, underwent successful performance testing at the Utah Water Resource Lab at Utah State University. The tests included water flow ranges of 4500 to 80,000 gallons per minute. Overall, the meters measured one million gallons of water during the one-day test.

The meters satisfied the accuracy requirements set by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) and are currently en route to their final destination in Mentone, CA. The DWR is planning to install the meters this summer as part of a large municipal project, which will increase their water distribution capacity and reliability, allowing them to meet expanding fresh water demands in several southern California counties.

Badger Meter has a unique capability to design and manufacture mag meters of exceptional size and durability. When the California DWR began requesting proposals for this project, Badger Meter was the sole company to step up to the challenge. Not only are the meters impressive in size and accuracy, but the flange connections meet the California DWR’s seismic force specifications to help the meters withstand the potential effects of area earthquakes.