LIBERTY, MO — The Scarbrough Group proudly announces the promotion of Mr. Mark Harding to Director of Operations for Scarbrough Warehousing. From Reno to Kansas City, Mark will oversee all warehousing operations throughout the company’s facilities while providing strategic insight at the director’s level.

“Scarbrough Warehousing has been one of the fastest growing companies within our Group. Mark has led that charge by overseeing their growing operations day-in and day-out,” said Adam Hill, Scarbrough Group President & COO. “This promotion is so well deserved, and I could not be more excited to see how he continues to contribute not only with Warehousing, but across the Group as well.”

Mark moves up to the director team after three years as Senior Manager, Corporate Warehouse Operations. He will continue to lead Scarbrough Warehousing as the company experiences unprecedented growth and refines its collection of retail distribution, e-commerce fulfillment, inventory storage, and retail compliance services.

“It has been my privilege to work directly with my team to build Scarbrough into a go-to destination for fulfillment and distribution services. As I shift from manager to director, I am excited to mentor and serve both my team and our customers.  I look forward to emphasizing operational efficiency and service offering diversity to help guide our company to the next tier of customer focus.”

Mark will begin his new role as director effective immediately as Scarbrough Warehousing pushes forward into the rigors of the supply chain peak season.

About The Scarbrough Group 

Founded in 1984, The Scarbrough Group has grown its global logistics operation one client and one employee at a time. Whether international freight forwarding, customs brokerage, domestic trucking, or warehousing, The Scarbrough Group manages supply chains differently. We remain a people-first organization with dedication to traditional values and support for our community. Expect More™ from your logistics provider.

About Scarbrough Warehousing 

Scarbrough Warehousing provides storage, compliance, retail fulfillment, and distribution services from multiple locations strategically placed throughout the United States. Reaching more than 80 percent of the continental U.S. population within a two-day delivery window, the Scarbrough Warehousing network simplifies delivery to businesses and consumers.