Mexico City officially Changes its Name

Cuidad de mexico

As part of a re-branding campaign, Mexico’s capital, Mexico City, has officially changed its name in 2016.  Recently,  CAAAREM, the Official Association of Mexican Customs Brokers reminded importers, exporters, consignees and agent brokers with an address located in Mexico City, Mexico that January 31, 2017  is the last day they can submit documents to Mexican Customs declaring “Distrito Federal” as a city instead of the new name “Ciudad de México.”


What has been known to many as “D.F.” will now be called “CDMX.”
CDMX is now the acronym for Mexico City, which stands for Ciudad de Mexico (Mexico City.)

The name is already known worldwide, but has caused confusion among residents who love and know Mexico City as D.F.

Are you confused?  Think about it this way.  

Residents of Mexico City have called their capital city ‘DF’ for years, just like U.S. residents call our capital city ‘DC’ or ‘Washington D.C.’

The idea behind the name change is part of reform to “devolve power from the federal government, allowing the city’s mayor to name senior officials including the police chief. It also turns the capital’s 16 boroughs into entities similar to municipalities, with their own mayors and councils.” [source].

Simply stated, please remind your clients and shippers located in Mexico to submit their documents with the new official name by January 30.  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team at

Read more about this decision at The Guardian.

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