Overview of NAFTA

The following document provides an amazing overview on the past, present and future of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) written by Specialists in International Trade & Finance with the Congressional Research Service submitted on February 22. 2017.

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The topics in this document are listed below
  • History
  • Market Opening Prior to NAFTA
    • The U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement of 1989
    • Mexico’s Pre-NAFTA Unilateral Trade Liberalization
      Overview of NAFTA Provisions
    • Removal of Trade Barriers
      • Tariff Changes
      • Trade Barrier Removal by Industry
    • Services Trade Liberalization
    • Other Provisions
    • NAFTA Side Agreements on Labor and the Environment
  • Trade Trends and Economic Effects
    • S. Trade Trends with NAFTA Partners
      • Overall Trade
      • Trade Balance and Petroleum Oil Products
      • Trade by Product
      • Trade with Canada
      • Trade with Mexico
    • Effect on the U.S. Economy
      • S. Industries and Supply Chains
      • Auto Sector
    • Effect on Mexico
      • S.-Mexico Trade Market Shares
      • S. and Mexican Foreign Direct Investment
      • Income Disparity
    • Effect on Canada
      • S.-Canada Trade Market Shares
      • Foreign Direct Investment
    • Procedures for NAFTA Renegotiation or Withdrawal
      • Renegotiation
      • Withdrawal
    • Issues for Congress
      • Potential Topics for Possible NAFTA Renegotiation
        • Automotive Sector
        • Services
        • E-Commerce, Data Flows, and Data Localization
        • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
        • State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs)
        • Investment
        • Dispute Settlement
        • Labor
        • Environment
        • Energy
        • Customs and Trade Facilitation
        • Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards (SPS)
      • Issues Specific to Mexico
      • Issues Specific to Canada
      • North American Supply Chains
      • Trans-Pacific Partnership Withdrawal


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