Congrats on the USMCA

Scarbrough International, Ltd. just came back from a weekend full of excitement at the NASCO Reunion in Canada. And sure enough, even more excitement after the announcement of the new USMCA!

NASCO released a statement applauding the new USMCA, also reiterating its desire to continue to improve and strengthen North American trade. Scarbrough is so proud to be part of such a great group and continues to support NASCO and its efforts towards North America.  We applaud all you do, NASCO!  If you’re interested in learning more about NASCO or want to join its efforts, email


Tiffany Melvin, NASCO’s president states:

October 1, 2018

For Immediate Release

NASCO Applauds United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement

North American Strategy for Competitiveness, Inc. (NASCO) congratulates the federal governments and negotiating teams of Canada, the United States and Mexico for their relentless dedication and determination to preserve a trilateral agreement that will ensure our future global competitiveness as a continent.

The United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement (USMCA) will build on the success of the North American Free Trade Agreement, strengthen the strong economic cooperation that has developed through trade and investment, and modernize and facilitate increased trade between our three countries and the rest of the world.

NASCO will remain engaged at all government and industry stakeholder levels to move this agreement forward through the US Congress and to its full implementation by all North American nations.

We are the leading North American membership organization focused on the competitiveness of the North American supply chain, workforce and energy independence. NASCO is the only tri-national network of the North American governments, business, and educational institutions, driven by a common interest in collaboration along commercial corridors and trade networks.

We foster a desire for collaboration between the public and private sectors across cities, states, provinces, regions, and international borders which enables us to engage our members and partners in tangible projects and research that deliver meaningful, useful, actionable results.

The work of NASCO, and our North American family, has never been more important! For more information, please visit


Tiffany Melvin

President, NASCO