National road from Nuevo Laredo into Monterrey, Mexico has been closed since 6:00 am CST due to intense rain from last night.

This will affect all commercial and non-commercial traffic, so all Mexican Customs operations (Southbound and Northbound) will be affected with delays. The road was closed around the Km. 163 Nuevo Laredo-Monterrey on both sides. Many small rivers have overflowed.

To clarify, Customs facilities are not closed, only the actual roads are closed.  All merchandise that is currently in Laredo or Nuevo Laredo, can be cleared for both borders (Nuevo Laredo and Colombia bridges).

However, everything going South will remain in Nuevo Laredo at carrier terminal.

Shipments going North can be cleared if the shipment arrived to NLD (Mexican Border) before last night and can clear US Customs and proceed as normal.


This has affected Nuevo Laredo and Colombia Mexican Customs Cross Borders.  Traffic is backed up for miles.


An alternative option for our clients is to send shipments via another route or wait for new instruction from Mexican state trooper authority.

Scarbrough will keep our clients whose freight is affected up to date. For any questions, please contact


Samuel Camarillo

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