A message from NASCO (North American Strategy for Competitiveness) Network on July 23, 2018:


Things have been quiet on the NAFTA front the past few weeks, but talks will restart this Thursday in Washington. Also, Canadian Parliamentary Secretary Pamela Goldsmith-Jones is in Mexico this week talking trade diversification with the Pacific Alliance partners. See the latest news below.

p.s. Our NASCO Reunion in Vancouver is now two months away!!! Have you registered yet?!


In Letter to Trump, Mexico’s President-Elect Seeks ‘Common Path’

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“MEXICO CITY—In a conciliatory letter to President Donald Trump, Mexico’s president-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said he is ready to start a new stage in U.S.-Mexico relations and seek a “common path” on trade, migration, economic development and security. “Everything is ready to start a new stage in our societies’ relationship based on cooperation and prosperity,” said Mr. López Obrador in the letter to the U.S. president. The letter was handed to a delegation of cabinet-level U.S. officials who visited Mexico City on July 13 and met with Mr. López Obrador.”


Hedging Our Bet: A Diversification Strategy for Canadian Trade

by NASCO Board Member Brian Kingston)

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“In the latest release from the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, Brian Kingston, CGAI Fellow and Vice President of Policy, International and Fiscal Issues at the Business Council of Canada, provides a diversification strategy for Canadian trade. Canada’s trade strategy is at a critical juncture. The NAFTA negotiations are making little progress, casting continuing uncertainty on Canada’s largest trade and investment relationship, while an increasingly protectionist U.S. administration is damaging Canada-U.S. trade and investment with arbitrary tariffs on key exports. At the same time, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent missteps in Asia demand a rethink of Canada’s overall trade objectives in the region.”


Prime Minister announces changes to the Ministry

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“The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today announced changes to the Ministry and welcomed new members to Cabinet. The Government of Canada is focused on growing the economy, strengthening the middle class, and creating more opportunities for everyone. The new responsibilities of our team build on Canada’s strong economic foundations, further position our country for growth and success, and reflect changing realities in the global economy.”


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