As e-commerce continues its hot streak, retailers are searching for ways to keep up. With omni-channel retailing, retailers have a means for sales and fulfillment agility while serving consumers on their terms.

Omni-channel logistics is the latest buzz-phrase among supply chain circles. But it’s more than just a fad or marketing ploy — it’s a momentum shift in supply chain practice. In contrast to traditionally independent store and internet sales, omni-channel provides a seamless buying experience with inventory transparency, dependable delivery, and clarity between brick-and-mortar and e-commerce operations.

In short, omni-channel retailing gives shoppers the power to select exactly how they receive the purchase of a product.

One Inventory Serving All Sales Channels 

The major shift that comes with an omni-channel strategy is the pooling of merchandise into a single, accessible warehouse inventory. The model requires that the siloed inventories of storefronts and online marketplaces go away. An omni-channel retail solution positions all merchandise, whether going through e-commerce orders or on-site sales, from a single pooled inventory.

This shift provides some significant advantages.

Transparency for Buyers 

For starters, there’s no disconnect for consumers between online and in-person retail. With a proper omni-channel strategy, shoppers will be able to check availability online and choose how they prefer to buy. They can see whether the brick-and-mortar location has options in stock or opt to order online and pick up in store. Of course, the option for online order and delivery remains of course.

Finally, consumers can shop in person and submit an order for home delivery if the preferred item isn’t available on site. Store staff are able to pull from the same inventory as web sales, creating a more adaptable and agile retail solution.

Making a Cohesive Sales and Fulfillment System with Help from a 3PL

Choosing an omni-channel logistics method is no small task. From connecting web and store inventories to implementing capable technologies and securing transportation, it takes true logistics expertise to successfully carry out the strategy. That’s why so many businesses have turned to 3PLs like The Scarbrough Group for help. 3PLs have the staffing, experience, and infrastructure to help your business get optimized for omni-channel retail.

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