In order for a U.S. Customs Broker to file a Customs entry on behalf of an importer, it must have a signed Power of Attorney in place, signed by an officer of the company.  If the importer chooses to import on a continuous surety bond, an application to CBP must be filled out.

Moreover, Scarbrough and many other Customs brokers require a client application to be in place.

An importer is also required to send (or have its supplier send) the commercial invoice and packing list to the broker.  If a partner government agency (PGA such as FDA, EPA, USDA, etc.) is involved, other paperwork is required such as licensing or certificates, as well as possible registrations for suppliers.


To find out if you have all the correct paperwork required to import into the United States of America, don’t hesitate to ask us or check out our required documents below.


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Required Documents:

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney Instructions (PDF)

Power of Attorney  (PDF)
print, sign, scan and send

Electronic Power of Attorney (PDF)
download & save to desktop, then open pdf from your desktop, create digital signature (configure new digital ID), save and send

Client Application

Online Client Application

Client Application (PDF)

Additional Documents

ISF Information (PDF)

Customs Documents and Forms

Continuous CBP Bond Application

ACH Application
this link takes you directly to CBP’s website

ACE Application
must open this application in Internet Explorer