Scarbrough Warehousing officially launched operations out of its new Liberty, MO facility July 19, effectively tripling regional warehouse capacity and equipping the company for the growing demands of e-commerce and other logistics challenges.


Initial news of the Scarbrough expansion originally came earlier this year when Scarbrough signed a lease for space in the all-new Liberty Logistics Center. Scarbrough acquired its section of the facility in late March and immediately began preparations for its operational start date. From equipment installations to staff training and inventory transit, the move required strong effort and coordination across the Scarbrough team.

Now, after months of hard work and preparation, Scarbrough Warehousing is fully operational in the cutting-edge facility and ready to offer newfound capacity and capabilities to clients.

“Launching operations at the new Liberty warehouse is a major step both for Scarbrough Warehousing and its partners,” Scarbrough Group President and COO Adam Hill said. “It gives us the capacity we need for growth, the modernized equipment we need to reach efficiency goals, and the location we need to easily access transportation networks and new labor pools.”

Expanded Volume, Updated Equipment

Interior Scarbrough Warehousing facility

Racking at Scarbrough Warehouse

A dramatic increase in regional capacity comes with Scarbrough’s launch at the Liberty facility. Scarbrough Warehousing now has triple the operating capacity compared to its previous space. It promises more room for both existing and prospective clients with 226,000 square feet (about five acres) of space.

To maximize the warehouse’s 36-foot clearance, Scarbrough has invested in full steel racking throughout. Combined with cutting-edged data technology, this racking equipment enables precision and efficiency in fulfillment and distribution operations. Each cargo bay features a unique identifier that links to a pallet for the duration of its stay. Sophisticated tracking technology keeps inventory accurate, placement precise, and retrievals on time.

Tunnel at Scarbrough Warehousing facility

Scarbrough Warehousing moving into new building

Strategic Location Near Transportation Infrastructure 

Scarbrough’s new warehouse occupies a practical location. Proximity to interstate highways like I-35, I-435, and I-29 provide easy access to trucking lanes. Plus, the facility is just minutes away from major rail yards in Kansas City. Adding the central geography of the Kansas City region itself gives the facility a strategic edge for nationwide distribution and fulfillment.

Warehousing Experts Ready to Serve

The team at Scarbrough Warehousing begins operations at the new Liberty facility with excitement. Each member is already hard at work dialing in services ranging from retail packaging and compliance to e-commerce storage and fulfillment.

“The Liberty warehouse space offers new opportunities for our staff to provide the highest quality services possible,” Scarbrough Warehousing Senior Manager of Account Services Chris Welch said. “We’re ready to tap into that potential and give a boost to our clients.”

Scarbrough Warehousing is ready to put its new facility to work with custom solutions for distribution, fulfillment, and more. Reach out to our team to learn more about the Liberty space and our available services.