Scarbrough’s Distribution and Fulfillment Accuracy Surpasses World Class Target

Above World Class Standards

Scarbrough’s Distribution and Fulfillment Centers have recently created their own challenge with meeting Warehouse Education and Research Council (WERC) standards, which establishes warehouse guidelines on a global scale. As always, Scarbrough must do this the “Scarbrough Way” and tone it up a notch.  In order to be considered “World Class,” in the eyes of the Warehouse Education and research Council (WERC), a warehouse must maintain a 99.5% accuracy rate.  In the month of June, 11 errors were made, putting Scarbrough at a World Class 99.8% accuracy level, but in true Scarbrough fashion, we knew we could to better.  In the month of July, we processed over 20,000 cartons with only 4 errors, which put us at a 99.99% accuracy rate.

More about our Warehouse

This accomplishment could not have occurred without the direction of our new Corporate Warehouse Manager, Mark Harding and the Scarbrough Distribution & Fulfillment Team.  Scarbrough truly prides ourselves on our outstanding teamwork, compliance standards, and customer service levels.  These standards, along with our Warehouse Consulting services, have placed Scarbrough’s Distribution and E-Commerce Fulfillment services as a leader in the industry.  Our fulfillment centers are located strategically across the nation to encompass 2-day ground shipping for 97%+ of the U.S. population.  We have the technology to support order fulfillment from all channels.  Furthermore, our customer service and customized capabilities exceed clients’ expectations.

We have the experts

Need an expert to take a look at your operation?  If you are interested in talking to our Warehouse Consultants, we are offering a FREE 30-minute consultation to discuss warehouse services including distribution or e-commerce fulfillment operations.  In a world of third party sellers, the opportunity is yours.  Contact our team today.

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