Scarbrough’s Free Training Praised by Clients and Trade Community

Scarbrough kicked off 2016 with a free training webinar service for its clients and the trade community and it has proved to be very successful.  This value-added service is just one way we continually provide our clients with essential information they need to make their jobs easier and improve efficiencies.  Our webinars have brought in a number of attendees including government officials, economic development groups, first time importers and exporters, fortune-500 importers and exporters, students, financial institutions, trucking companies, and more.  Our experts are continually requested to speak at different industry events on various topics from the basics of importing and exporting and in-depth training on CBP’s ACE, to trending hot topics like VGM, port strikes and congestion, among other topics.

Scarbrough's Free Training Praised by Clients and Trade Community

Currently our webinars are held the second Wednesday of every month.  Our clients can look forward to learning even more in 2017 with our monthly webinars.  In addition to the monthly webinars, you can look forward to a NAFTA series to learn more about Mexico, USA, and Canadian trade, regulations, shipping processes, and more.  We will be teaming up with various partners, one including the North American Strategy for Competitiveness (NASCO).

Our webinars have all been documented and added to our You Tube Channel.  We upload the webinars in small snippets, so you can conveniently choose which question and answer you are specifically seeking and you don’t have to listen to the full hour program.  You can view the entire playlist too!  Click on the buttons below for presentation downloads and recordings.

Mexico Shipping Process  ACE Updates  SOLAS VGM

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)  Letters of Credit  Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ)

SOLAS VGM 2  Free Trade Ageements

Understanding Foreign Currency and Reducing Risk

What clients have to say:

I learn so much information about new Global and Customs requirements that I can share with Management during weekly Logistic Meetings.

Without these webinars, I would be left unprepared and forced to read countless articles online that may have false information.

I like that the webinars are interactive and it feels like you are right in the room with the Host.  My questions are always answered and I like hearing other participant’s questions. It’s interesting to learn what other professionals are experiencing in the Trade Industry. The email follow up is very helpful because I can go back and listen to certain sections as a reminder. I also share these recordings with freight forwarding partners when they are not knowledgeable of certain rules, for example, ISF, ACE, VGM, Trade Agreements, etc. just to name a few.   

I’m always learning something new with Scarbrough and appreciate the time they take out for their clients. 

– Shanaé Weeks, Logistics Manager, Global Distributor for polymers and waxes.


“The Scarbrough webinars are terrific. As someone who came into my current position with more of a domestic transportation background, these webinars have greatly helped me in better understanding international business. The presenters are always knowledgeable with years of experience to speak from. The question and answer format is great in that it offers the opportunity for discussion of questions and issues from industry peers. When I receive notice of new Scarbrough webinars I sign up immediately.”

– Chris Jennum, Export Logistics Coordinator, Dairy Exporter


If you have a suggestion or request for a future topic, please contact me directly at  If you would like to partner on a webinar or seminar, please contact me, as well.

Upcoming webinars include:

Exploring Foreign Markets: Global Cities Initiative’s Export Plan

Basics of International Trade Finance

We are known for our Knowledge and Expertise

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The faces of Scarbrough, its leaders and its people are what make the organization the number one industry leader and trade expert in the Midwest. Over 20% of its import operations staff are Licensed Customs Brokers. Scarbrough’s leaders participate in a number of industry related organizations, forums, and events and are a continued resource for the trade community. Scarbrough, again as an industry leader, also volunteers time to participate in the Trade Support Network, NCBFAA (The National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association of America, Inc.), CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals), and KC SmartPort just to name a few. Scarbrough is widely known for its participation in local economic development centers across the nation, local Licensed US Customs Brokers Associations, local Chambers, local World Trade Centers, and International Trade groups.

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