Section 301 List 1 Exclusions Extended

Effective July 6, 2018, the U.S. Trade Representative imposed additional duties on goods of China with an annual trade value of approximately $34 billion as part of the action in the Section 301 investigation of China’s acts, polices and practices related to technology transfer, intellectual property, and innovation.  These goods are classified in 818 8-digit subheadings of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTSUS) and are known as “list 1” of the Section 301 tariffs.

List 1 exclusions extended

List 1 Section 301 tariffs place an additional 25% on imports from China, however, several exclusions have been announced.  The exclusions are retroactive to July 6, 2018 and expire one year from the exclusion publication date in the Federal Register. Moreover, several exclusions have been extended on specific products and another announcement was just made to extend certain products on List 1 Batch 5 exclusions for another 6 months. These will be extended until December 31, 2020.

These Products include:

  • oil well and oil field crank-balanced, long-stroke, and beam pumps (8413.50.0010)
  • centrifugal pumps, submersible, other than for use with machines for making cellulosic pulp, paper or paperboard; the foregoing pumps rated not over 15 kW (8413.70.2004)
  • submersible pump incorporating a magnetic drive motor (8413.70.2004)
  • centrifugal pumps designed for eliminating condensate, the foregoing not elsewhere specified or included (8413.70.2090)
  • housings for water pumps of subheading 8413.30.90 (8413.91.9010)
  • solar water heaters incorporating glass tube heat collectors and including glass tubes and stands with tanks (8419.19.0040)
  • heat exchanger plates, cores, finned tubes, cones, shells, bonnets, flanges, and baffles (8419.90.3000)
  • garage door opener/closers (8428.90.0290)
  • pile drivers, diesel powered (8430.10.0000)
  • welded frames designed to support conveyor rollers (8431.39.0010)
  • coupling covers, including center members, flanged hubs, sleeves, and shoes (8483.90.8010)
  • AC multi-phase motors, each of an output exceeding 300 kW but not exceeding 310 kW, fitted with pulleys and brakes to raise and lower passenger elevators (8501.53.8040)
  • regenerative speed drive controllers for controlling speed of electric motors for elevators (8504.40.4000)
  • speed drive controllers for electric motors, each such controller measuring 100 mm or more but not over 130 mm in length, 40 mm or more but not over 125 mm in width, and 24 mm or more but not over 85 mm in height (8504.40.4000)
  • projector parts (8529.90.9900)
  • disposable surface electrodes for intra-operative neuromonitoring systems, each composed of a surface electrode pad, an insulated wire, and a standard DIN 42802 connector (9018.19.9560)

The rest of the products on List 1 Batch 5 exclusions expired on June 4, 2020 and the 25% ad valorem charge will be assessed.

Duty Refund Opportunities

Any importer that has imported List 1 products on or after July 6, 2018 should apply for a refund from U.S. Customs if the exclusion has not yet expired or has been extended.  The exclusions are available for any product that meets the description in the Annex, regardless of whether the importer filed an exclusion request. To request a refund of Section 301 duties paid on previous imports of products granted duty exclusions by the USTR, importers may file a Post Summary Correction (PSC) if within the PSC filing time frame. If the entry is beyond the PSC filing time frame, importers may protest the liquidation.

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A summary of each Section 301 list & exclusions can be found on this page.

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