Eager to get your items sold and delivered through Amazon Prime? A Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) strategy can get you there without routing your inventory through an Amazon warehouse.

Yet another Prime Day has come and gone with buyers and sellers alike reaping the benefits of Amazon’s yearly fire sale for paying members. While shoppers get great deals and huge discounts, sellers get exposure and move impressive volume.

Amazon Prime has become an industry titan with its annual membership program and free two-day delivery promise. Buyers have come to expect Prime benefits for most all orders as a result. But you don’t have to move your product through an Amazon warehouse to have your merchandise listed with Prime. That’s where Amazon’s SFP program comes in.

Fulfill Prime Orders from Your Warehouse of Choice 

SFP allows for fulfillment and delivery of Prime orders from an independent warehouse. It’s a convenient option for sellers who already use a Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) strategy and want to keep order fulfillment centralized. SFP participants get the full benefits of Prime listings while keeping their preferred fulfillment strategy and warehouse location(s).

In other words, you’ll store inventory, process orders, package and label, and handoff orders to carriers all from your chosen third-party warehouse.

Take Advantage of Prime Benefits 

According to Amazon, SFP offers access to the full spread of Prime listings.

  • Exposure to Amazon’s Most Loyal Customers
  • Prime Checkmark on Qualifying Listings
  • Two-Day Delivery
  • Prime Day Participation

Eligibility and Requirements 

Amazon has requirements in place for those wishing to get in on their own Prime fulfillment operation. Prime remains Amazon’s premium service, after all. Amazon updated its SFP requirements in February 2021.

  • 99 Percent On-Time Shipping
  • Premium Shipping Options
  • Weekend Delivery
  • Nationwide Delivery for Standard Size Items
  • Etc.

You can view Amazon’s list of SFP requirements here.

Develop a SFP Strategy with Scarbrough Warehousing 

Setting up a SFP operation requires a partnership with a capable, adaptable warehousing provider. Scarbrough Warehousing offers just that and more. Our warehousing specialists deal with Amazon every day and understand what it takes to properly implement its programs. We’ll help you set up an SFP operation that complements your broader FBM in strategy. Accordingly, you can count Scarbrough’s 99.98 percent on-time and in-full delivery record and a network of facilities that can reach 80 percent of the nation’s population within two days.

Contact us to further discuss your options with Amazon SFP.