You’ve set up your sales partnership with Amazon, and you’re ready to leverage the robust logistics advantages of the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. Before you start sending your product off to FBA facilities, there’s one more step to consider: FBA preparation requirements.

Amazon has strict stipulations for the FBA program. Addressing these regulations is a key piece of your e-commerce strategy with Amazon.

What is FBA?

The Fulfilled by Amazon program operates as its name suggests, offering order fulfillment services through Amazon warehouses and delivery networks. Amazon has built out an enormous fulfillment and distribution network with warehouses throughout the country and a massive fleet of delivery vehicles. Participate in FBA and Amazon itself will pick and ship inventory as orders arrive. The service has become a popular one for e-commerce businesses who need to access fulfillment infrastructure.

What are the Preparation Requirements?

Unfortunately, while FBA has considerable benefits, the program also has its fair share of rules and requirements to work through. Amazon requires FBA participants to prepare inventory per its own packaging and labeling guidelines. These prerequisites cover everything from boxing and bubble wrap to bagging and taping.

Failing to properly prepare your inventory for FBA can cause headaches. From added fees to turned away inventory, the penalties of improper preparation are worth avoiding.

Why Hire a 3PL to Prepare Inventory for FBA?

E-commerce business have a few avenues to consider when it comes to FBA prep.

For starters, Amazon has its own FBA prep services. Having your merchandise prepped by Amazon carries additional costs, however. Some e-commerce operators simply choose to do the prep work on their own as a workaround and cost-cutting measure. But there’s another way to complete the FBA prep process efficiently and affordably.

Enlisting a third-party logistics provider (3PL) to handle FBA prep can save your business money, time, and effort as you ramp up sales operations with Amazon.

Compliance Assured: Your 3PL partner will have the expertise and experience to complete FBA preparations according to proper requirements. This consistency will ensure that your goods are always ready for fulfillment upon arrival at Amazon facilities.

Lower Storage Rates: Most 3PL warehouses offer substantially cheaper pre-fulfillment storage rates compared to Amazon. Many businesses have opted to store the bulk of their inventory at these 3PL locations and only send supply to Amazon as its needed.

Customized Strategy and Solutions: Agility and scalability are rightly high priorities for e-commerce businesses. Employing a 3PL for FBA preparations is a step toward those goals. A 3PL can work with you on an individual basis to adapt the strategy as your business develops and grows.

If third-party FBA prep sounds like a good pathway for your business, reach out to Scarbrough Warehousing. Our e-commerce fulfillment experts can help set you up with an FBA preparation solution that supports your business needs.