Mark Harding, Scarbrough Warehousing

Director, Operations
Scarbrough Warehousing

Mark Harding serves as Director, Operations, Scarbrough Warehousing, Inc. Mark oversees all Scarbrough’s warehouse solutions, from retail compliance and distribution to e-commerce fulfillment. Along with operations management, Mark helps to cultivate a people-first environment that provides support and opportunity to Warehousing team members.

After stints working in manufacturing, maintenance, and management, Mark brought his diverse skillset to the warehousing industry in 2017. He arrived at Scarbrough in 2019 to serve as Senior Manager, Corporate Warehouse Operations in Kansas City.

Mark has guided Scarbrough Warehousing’s Kansas City operations through facility expansions, business development, staff growth, and more. He now leads the company’s strategy and operations at a national level.

Mark’s interests include Business Management, Accounting, Data Analysis, Lean Process Improvement, Team Building, Sales, Retail Compliance, and Customer Service.