I’d have to agree with American Shipper  when it claims that over the past 6 years of compiling import data, one thing has become clear:

“Importers have become more savvy with each passing year about the complexities of managing global import operations.”

In an ever-changing industry, it is important to stay abreast of new regulations, new technology, and new operations.  Having someone in place to manage your global trade is vital, especially when the import process and keeping up with compliance is now more complex and seems to be happening at an even faster pace.  According to American Shipper, that poses just one problem – “importing gets complex at an even faster rate.”

That’s why it is important to invest in technology – or at least into a company that can do that for you.  The technology that is available through a Global Trade Management Company, such as Scarbrough, may suggest a myriad of cost savings and efficiency solutions for your company.


In a survey given by American Shipper,


the following were indicated as drivers to buying, upgrading or replacing current import technology:

 –          Cost reduction

–          Risk mitigation

–          Productivity increase

–          Declaration accuracy

–          Complexity


Are these areas that are important to your business?  Would you like to see your own company’s analytics and data? 

Scarbrough has the capabilities to customize reports and even automate data to be sent directly to your email on a specific day and time.

Please let me know if you are interested.  We are here to make your job easier and act as your true international logistics partner.  You can email me or call me at 816-584-2409.

Source: American Shipper