Training and Continuing Education is a MUST

Good thing Scarbrough can provide this for you.

And the best part?  It’s free.

Scarbrough has been conducting regular complementary webinars for one year now and has had almost 1,000 attendees total.  This value-added service is just one way we continually provide our clients with essential information they need to make their jobs easier and gain knowledge.

◄ The reviews and comments have been so encouraging, that we wanted to turn up the heat even more in 2017 by adding more webinars.

These webinars are set up in a fashion where we don’t just lecture, we discuss and we allow the crowd to participate by submitting questions before and during the webinar.  All webinars are recorded and split up by questions and answers, then loaded to our YouTube Channel for convenient sharing and viewing.


Trade Regulations are Constantly Changing.

Scarbrough monitors regulation changes that affect international trade.

Scarbrough is constantly monitoring new trade regulations not only in the United States of America, but in countries that affect our clients’ shipping needs.  We deliver our information via our newsletters, press releases, and webinars.  We encourage our followers to pass our information along.  In addition to our monthly webinars, we started a new series called “NAFTA Chat,” which is dedicated to North American Trading topics.  These webinars will also include country specific material on Mexico, USA, and Canada, including regulation changes in each country.  They are set up in the same fashion as our Q&A Series – a quick learning experience and a chance to submit live questions to the best trade experts out there.

Let us know what you want to learn.

Our experts have a vast knowledge and want to hear your suggestions on future topics.   No topic is out of reach and we always appreciate learning about what you want to learn about.  If you have a specific topic you would like to learn about, please reach out to me.  If you are an expert on a topic and interested in participating in a webinar as a panelist or if you would like an expert from Scarbrough to speak at your event, please email

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Upcoming Events


NAFTA Chat: The Truth about NAFTA

Did you know?  2.8 million American jobs are supported by our trade relationships with Canada and Mexico.  Join us with special guests from the North American Strategy for Competitiveness (NASCO) and George W. Bush Institute’s Economic Growth Program to learn about NAFTA trade facts, NAFTA’s track record in terms of jobs and growth and what approach they suggest the U.S. should make.
Bring your questions and submit them anonymously during the webinar.
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feb-15-17Question/Answer Session: Import 101

What do you need to know about importing? In one hour or less, you will learn about Incoterms, the Import Process, Classification, and more. Submit questions via anonymous chat or via email prior to the webinar.
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feb-16-17Navigating the ACE Portal

Workshop in Omaha, NE.
In partnership with (MITA) Midwest International Trade Association.
Registration Coming Soon.




Question/Answer Session: Who is the Export-Import Bank?

In one hour or less, find out the Ex-IM bank’s history, how the bank can help your company, other ways to finance your sales, and the risks and liabilities.
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NAFTA Chat: Mexican Customs and Regulations

In one hour or less, learn about the intricacies of Mexican Customs and Mexican regulations.
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Doing Business with Canada

Seminar in Kansas City, MO. 
In partnership with A.G.O. Trans, Canadian Customs Broker & Freight Forwarder.
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Doing Business with Mexico

Seminar in Wichita, KS. 
In partnership with Kansas Global Trade Services.
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