Free Training

At Scarbrough, we pride ourselves on education and are known in the trade community for our expertise and training programs.   Raise your hand if you have been to a webinar or training of ours?  We love to see our growing reach and continue to hear amazing feedback on our On-Demand Training Resources and YouTube Channel. We are pleased to offer free webinars and training to the trade community and are getting ready for our next in-person tour, so save the date!  These training opportunities offer the most value because we customize them based on our audience’s needs.  Bring your questions and problems, and we will work through them together.

Save the Date

Des Moines:
October 11 Morning
Import Training
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Kansas City:
October 16 All Day
Import & Export Training
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Saint Louis:
October 18 Afternoon
Export Training

Upcoming Webinars

We also have several exciting webinars featuring subject matter experts lined up for you including country specific, partner government agency specific, industry news specific, and even methods to help optimize your supply chain and efficiencies. Continue to check your inboxes and forward our training opportunities to your departments.  It is our mission to make your job easier by providing this type of value that no one else provides.

We want your Feedback

While we prep for 2019, we would love to hear your opinion and customize our training based around your needs.  What type of training would you like to see? What would you like a refresher in? What are you interested in?  This is your time to obtain free education customized to your needs.  No one else does it, so take advantage.  Please send your opinions, ideas, feedback, comments and questions to Kim Taylor at  If you are a subject matter expert and interested in being a guest speaker, please contact me, as well!