As we move into the holiday and new year, we want to acknowledge Roger & Jeannie Scarbrough, owners and founders of Scarbrough International, Ltd.

Last week, we were able to commemorate and thank not only our leaders, but our employees at an amazing event put on by Jeannie Scarbrough.  The Employee Appreciation Party and Tribute to 30 Years was a night we will always remember, and a special night honoring Roger Scarbrough.  We were blessed to have every employee from all our locations fly in and join us.  Despite the snowfall and ice, they made it and the party went off without a hitch!  Close friends, retired Scarbrough employees, and partners from United Shipping were able to join us, as well.  We even flew in American Idol’s Mathenee Treco to perform, and what an awesome show it was!

That same night, Jeannie Scarbrough shared with us a special story, so I hope I can share with you a little of what we took home with us.  Thirty years ago, the Scarbrough’s had 3 things: 1.) 2 cars that were paid off, 2.) $5,000 in the bank, and 3.)  a wife that believed in her husband.  Roger coming from a U.S. Customs Broker had a vision to be a full service provider, not just a U.S. Customs Broker clearing shipments.  Roger wanted to move the freight too!  With that vision, they started Scarbrough International, Ltd. and have grown Scarbrough into a true Group of Companies with services across the board.  Both coming from humble backgrounds, Roger and Jeannie knew that what they needed to take care of was their employees first and to provide the best customer service out there.  And that is what they have instilled in us since.

Like Roger & Jeannie, we, the employees, are humble and we give much gratitude to our clients and close partners. Without you, we would not be where we are today. Thank you for your continued partnership and close relationships!

Our employees give a special thanks to Roger and Jeannie for giving & teaching us so much. It is truly a blessing to work for such amazing leaders. They continually teach us through their faith on how to serve others – whether it is among our peers, our clients, our partners or the community — servanthood and service is what is important.

Thank you for giving so much and taking care of us. You truly lead by example of serving. 

2014 marks a year of Celebration: 30 years in business!


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