“America has more open trucking jobs than available commercial drivers. As older drivers retire in greater numbers, the industry faces a driver shortage,” mentions Heesun Wee from CNN.  A very interesting and enlightening article found on CNN.com states that America needs drivers NOW.  “The industry is not attracting drivers at anywhere near the rate to keep up with demand and growth,” said Fielkow in this article, whose company Jetco Delivery has about 100 drivers. The drivers’ average age? Early 50s.”

And it doesn’t stop here…

In a letter constructed to shipping clients, Hapag-Lloyd confirmed the lack of drayage and truck power in some areas.  In fact, Carrier APL has even implemented a related surcharge for any bookings to/from USA on a door basis.

Due to  many reasons beyond the control of 3PLs, the domestic and international trucking industries are facing challenges which have a dramatic effect on truck power  in addition to driver shortage in the United States.

Demand for drayage services currently exceeds capacity as a result of many factors including but not limited to:

  • Governmental regulations

  • Infrastructure and congestion

  • Fewer entrants into the job market

  • Increasing cost of operations

  • High service demand

We regret any inconveniences or delays caused, but wanted our customers to be aware.  We wish to inform you that carrier haulage deliveries may be effected by the lack of available truck power.  With that being said, if you are struggling to cover your import or export drayage service, contact your dedicated Scarbrough representative or email pricing@scarbrough-intl.com.  With over 30 years of providing this service, Scarbrough International has a large network of partners of truckers and draymen to choose from across the United States.


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