Choosing a warehouse provider with locations that can quickly serve your customers is one of the easiest ways to shorten delivery times.

Quick, on-demand delivery has become the standard expectation for online shoppers. More and more, consumers are demanding that packages arrive within a couple of days. For e-commerce businesses, that means positioning inventory for two-day shipping with warehouses that can access large swathes of the country’s population.

Businesses have all sorts of new tools to help streamline their e-commerce fulfillment operations and deliver products to consumers faster. But physical proximity often flies under the radar. It’s easy to focus on cutting-edge technology without giving the same consideration to the location of your warehouse.

Simply positioning your merchandise in locations with broad fulfillment reach is a setup for faster delivery.

Centralize Your Merchandise

Looking to use a single warehouse facility? Consider a centralized location. A warehouse near the middle of the country simplifies delivery to various regions. Whether your packages are heading to the coasts, into the mountains, or north to the Great Lakes, a centralized warehouse offers the flexibility to ship quickly in any direction.

Coordinate Warehouse Facilities 

Working with more than one warehouse can greatly expand your fulfillment reach, especially when warehouses are situated in different regions. With two warehouses serving different populations, your business has the agility and flexibility to fulfill orders across the country.

They key here is to choose warehouse facilities that can coordinate to provide a cohesive fulfillment solution. A broad geographic reach and an open line of communication combine to make an efficient operation.

Scarbrough’s Kansas City and Reno Warehouses Offer Two-Day Shipping to 80 Percent of U.S. 

Scarbrough Warehousing has a pair of facilities that work together to provide seamless fulfillment and distribution services. The Reno and Kansas City warehouse locations combine their efforts to allow for two-day shipping to 80 percent of the U.S. population. Contact Scarbrough Warehousing today to learn more about our customized fulfillment services.